Andrew Brook is the current Treasurer of the IPA.  He oversees the IPA's treasury, investments and budget working closely with the Budget and Finance Committee as well as the Investment and Oversight Committee.

The Budget and Finance Committee is the main financial planning group of the IPA. It considers the budget requests from committees each year and recommends a budget for the Board to consider.


On 3 October 2015, The Committee met on  in Buenos Aires. In addition to recommending a $2m budget that is within $50K of income, the Committee considered two major matters of policy:

  1. Increasingly large numbers of IPA members, being exempt from paying dues to their local Society, pay no dues to the IPA.

    In some older, long-established groups, the number of members not paying dues will soon exceed the number paying dues.

    As a first stage in addressing this problem, the Committee asked me to arrange a survey of the Constituent Societies to find out what the various current provisions for exemption from dues are. We already know that they vary widely from Society to Society.

  2. While the IPA provides a lot of personnel and other forms of in-kind assistance to new Groups around the world, it provides very little direct financial assistance.

Any change to current practice would require a wide-ranging discussion in the Board and with International New Groups and other bodies. In addition, any change would have sizable financial implications, so the Budget and Finance Committee had a preliminary discussion of the matter. At present, there are no funds available for such an initiative but that could change in the future.

The budget goes to the full Board for final approval in January.

Andrew Brook, Treasurer, IPA

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