Allied Centres

Allied Centres are groups which exist to support the development and spread of psychoanalysis – they are not concerned with the regulation or support of the clinical practice of psychoanalysis.

Although some Allied Centres have gone on to form Study Groups, the wish to become an IPA entity is not a requirement of an Allied Centre. They are not authorised to train or qualify psychoanalysts or Members of the IPA.

Please note: as most Allied Centre members are non-IPA members they are not listed here.  To receive a list of Allied Centre members please contact the IPA.


North America

Allied CentreCityCountry
Psychoanalysis Studying Center in ChinaBeijingChina95d2a978-6901-4fac-b1ff-b5b3b55387cf153237
Korean Association of Psychoanalysis -KAPA (Allied Centre)SeoulKorea, Republic of5fb1911a-919b-4379-89b2-55bc9e3ec9151058
Taiwan Center for The Development of PsychoanalysisTaipeiTaiwan8efc4c5a-1598-4167-86be-b670596bf870146854