Anna Christopoulos: Introduction

Dear Colleagues,
The Members’ Book Section of the IPA Website is pleased to announce the first book discussion that will take place on the IPA Website, and will continue until mid April. The book that will be discussed is the recently published Creating a psychoanalytic mind: a psychoanalytic method and theory by Fred Busch. This book was chosen as it has catalyzed considerable thought and discourse and has received international acclaim.

As noted by IPA President Stefano Bolognini, ‘In my view Fred Busch is an authentically international psychoanalyst not only because of his wide and brilliant culture, but more specifically because of his capacity for dialogue and his special skill in understanding the other’s mentality and position: an attitude that creates new spaces, new encounters, new shared visions both in the clinical work and in the scientific interchange.’

The discussion will begin with reviews [see attachments below] of the book by three well known and highly esteemed colleagues from each of the three IPA regions: Marilia Aisenstein (Europe), Elias M. da Rocha Barros (Latin America), and Otto Kernberg (North America). These reviews will serve as a springboard for discussion amongst the reviewers, the author, Ellen Sparer (Europe) as well as the wider IPA membership. The discussion will be moderated by Eric Marcus (North America). The goal of this book discussion is to promote exchange amongst colleagues across the globe on the content of the book which has to do with basic theoretical and clinical issues of critical importance to us all.

All IPA members and candidates are encouraged to participate in this exchange.

Sincerely yours, Anna Christopoulos