1971-2020   49 Years of IPA Candidates together!

IPSO invites and encourages ALL IPA candidates to become members

The analytic world does not end at your institute’s doorsteps
Come and immerse yourself in the diversity of analytic cultures and thinking!

IPSO has been representing the interests of all psychoanalysts-in-training from IPA-affiliated societies and study groups in local and international committees and institutions since 1971.

Benefits of membership include the opportunity to:

Participate in International Congresses and Scientific meetings
Participate in Cross-Regional Study Groups (CRSG) encouraging clinical exchanges among
  candidates from different backgrounds and from the three different IPA-IPSO regions 
(North-America, Latin-America and Europe) 
Present clinical and theoretical papers at IPSO Congresses
Present clinical material to senior analysts and colleagues at IPSO Congresses and VCPs
Participate in the Visiting Candidate Programs (VCP)
Subscribe to the IJP (International Journal of Psychoanalysis) at a special rate for IPSO members!
Subscribe to PEP Web at a discounted rate for IPSO members!
Submit original papers for consideration for the IPSO Writing Award and the Tyson Award
Receive the IPSO Newsletter with up-to-date activities and happenings in your community and the
Subscribe to the IPSO Electronic Mailing Lists and WhatsApp worldwide group of representatives 
        (if you are one) and have lively discussions with colleagues from around the world!
Become part of the IPSO Editorial Board, an exciting opportunity to create editorial policy and review
        manuscripts prior to IPSO congresses
Voice your opinions on psychoanalytic training standards, raise issues about training in your society 
or region, and represent your group at a local and international level
Enjoy the diversity of the international psychoanalytic community
Attend social functions at the IPSO Congresses
Become an IPSO Representative of your Institute and,
Run for a post at the IPSO Executive-Committee!
Most of all, Form lifelong personal and professional relationships around the world!

For more information contact your regional Vice President:

North America: Kristin Whiteside, USA [email protected]  
Latin America: Silvia Acosta, ARG [email protected]
Europe: Monica Bomba, ITA [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you to our worldwide community of 
IPA psychoanalysts in training! 

Please see a downloadable PDF of the IPSO Benefits 2020