London/UK  24-27 July, 2019

The Feminine:
Our Frames, Fears, Focus and Fascination

IPSO Conference – General information and Overview

While the IPSO Conference is open to all candidates who train at IPA institutes, only IPSO members have the opportunity to present papers and clinical cases for supervision and can apply for several awards.  The registration for the IPA Congress includes registration for the IPSO Conference.

IPSO Day – 23 July 2019: The IPSO Congress program in London will start with an IPSO DAY: One day before the official opening of the IPA Congress we will have a program which includes presentations of award winning papers from each of IPSO’s regions: North America, Latin America and Europe, an IPSO lunch (sponsored by IPSO) and the traditional IPSO Forum for a deeper exchange between candidates with respect to psychoanalytical training. 

IPSO Conference Program: In the following days 24 – 27 July 2019 the IPSO activities will continue throughout the Congress: We will have supervisions with senior analysts, paper presentations, meet-the-analyst sessions and much more.

IPSO Business Meeting: We invite every IPSO member to come to the IPSO Business Meeting where business matters of IPSO will be discussed and voted upon. 

IPSO Party: We invite everyone (not just IPSO members) to come to our famous IPSO party to dance, meet colleagues and enjoy the local culture (time and location will be announced).

All these activities are intended to provide a scientific, respectful, plural and social environment where candidates can share their experiences enhancing their theoretical and clinical knowledge. 


FOR SUPERVISIONS: 1 December 2018 (to Artur Sousa – [email protected])


Call for Papers – Paper Submission Guidelines

Paper Submission Guidelines
: We welcome papers on any psychoanalytic topic of interest. The author must be a member of IPSO and the paper must be an original work that has not been previously published. 

Who can submit a paper? Only IPSO members can submit papers to the 25th IPSO Conference in London 2019. If you are not a member yet, you can become one by getting in contact with the Vice-President of your region (see below the email addresses) and by paying the IPSO dues. 

How to submit a paper: Papers may only be submitted electronically on the following link: . In order to submit your paper to the IPSO Congress, make sure to select the IPSO Congress in the electronically submission page. 

Language of the paper: Papers can be submitted in the 4 IPA official languages: Spanish, English, German and French. Papers should be submitted in the language in which they are intended to be presented. However, we strongly encourage all candidates to present in English or Spanish due to limited access of simultaneous translation. 

Paper requirements: Submissions should include a title, a short description (max. 500 words) and the full paper (max. 5000 words). If the submission doesn’t follow these rules, the paper will not be reviewed.  

Reviewing process: The reviewing process follows the same of a scientific journal one. The reviewing process is blind, which means that the reviewer doesn’t have access to the author’s name. The author will receive an email informing about the acceptance or denial of the paper. 

Presentation: A paper that is accepted will be presented during the 25th IPSO Congress, London 2019. It can be allocated to any of the days of the event. The applicant will be notified about the day, hour and room of the presentation, in advance. The presentation should not take longer than 20 minutes, that’s the reason we strongly encourage authors to resume the paper in maximum 1500 words. 

IPSO Writing Award
All papers submitted to the 25th IPSO Congress will automatically run for the IPSO Writing Award. 

We will have the 6th IPSO Writing Award during our Congress in London 2019. The two most outstanding papers after evaluation from North America, Europe and Latin America will win the award. There will be three first places (one for each region) and three second places (runners-up) one for each region.

The first winners of the IPSO Writing Award will present their papers during the plenary of the IPSO Day (Tuesday 23 July), the runners-up (second winners) will present their papers during the following days of the IPSO Congress. The winners will be awarded a certificate of recognition and a cash prize of $400 (four hundred US dollars) for the first places and a cash prize of $200 (two hundred US dollars) for the second places. The papers of the six winners will be published in the 2019 IPSO e-Journal. 

IPSO Grant for Transcontinental Exchange

The IPSO Grant for Transcontinental Exchange aims to encourage candidates to present their papers during IPSO events that take place in different regions from their own region.

The IPSO Grant for Transcontinental Exchange will be given to the winners of the IPSO Writing Award (the three first winners of the three regions). The winners can choose an IPSO event in different region of their own to present their paper. For example: If the winner is from North America, she or he can choose to present their paper in an event in Latin America or Europe. The winners can choose an IPSO event to present their paper from October 2019 until July 2021. 

The IPSO Grant for Transcontinental Exchange includes:
1. $500 (five hundred US dollars) grant
2. Accommodation organized by IPSO in a candidate’s house.
Important: The winner can only use the $500 (five hundred US dollars) grant when she/he registers in for the IPSO event where she/he will present the paper. 

IPSO Supervision 
We welcome IPSO members to present clinical cases for supervisions with senior analysts during the IPSO Congress. If you are interested in presenting an adult or child-adolescent case, please contact the IPSO Vice President-Elect for Europe, Artur Sousa (Email:  [email protected] ) for instructions and send an application (including a short CV, a short description on the case you want to present and the basic questions you have for this case being supervised).

We will continue to inform you about the 25th IPSO Congress in 2019 over the course of time. Please contact us in case of questions or remarks.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in London!