Facing the Pain: Clinical Experience and the Development of Psychoanalytic Knowledge


8.30 - 9.00  Grand Ballroom (Mezzanine) Opening Plenary (SI)
Valeria Nader, IPSO President (Argentina)  
Gunther Perdigao, Secretary General, IPA
Debra Zatz, IPSO President-elect (USA)
David Holub LAC (Czech Republic)
Holger Himmighoffen, IPSO VP for Europe, IPSO Representative in the IPA Program Committee (Switzerland)
9.00 - 10.00 Grand Ballroom
Tomáš Rektor "Specificities of separation in post-totalitarian countries
Chair: Anna Maria Hansjürgens, VP Elect Europe(Hungary)
10.00-11.00 Grand Ballroom
EuropeExternal and Internal Reality in and outside psychoanalysis during economic crisis:
The opening of Pandora’s Box, once more.
Chair: Sylvia Pupo, VP Latin America (Brazil) Elisabeth Papandreou,  (Greece)
11.30 - 12.30 Grand Ballroom 
Latin AmericaLa angustia en la perspectiva freudiana y las formas contemporáneas de sufrimiento psíquico
Chair : Deisy Boscan, VP North America (USA)  Ana Loffredo (Brazil)   
12.30- 13.30 Grand Ballroom 
North America:The Widened Envelope - Expanding the Hospitable Scope of Psychoanalysis in Theory and Institutional Practice
Chair: Holger Himmighoffen, VP Europe (Switzerland) Orna Ophir (USA) 
13.30- 15. 00   IPSO LUNCH AT CLOUD NINE BAR HILTON HOTEL (sponsored by IPSO)
15.00- 17.30 Grand Ballroom
IPSO FORUM: Facing the Pain of Being a Candidate   We will visit some (of the many) aspects of what it means to « face the pain » as a candidate    Aura Lorenzo, Ami Hansjürgens and Marco Posadas will each speak about an area of training, with an introduction by Debra Zatz.  
Then, candidates will grapple with the issues in smaller groups and the larger group will come back together. 

8.30-10.30  Grand Ballroom  (Mezzanine) IPSO 1: Writing Awards  
Chairs: Graciela Hoyos (Colombia)  Debra Zatz (USA)
Images Seen, Forgotten and Remembered: Visual Time Capsules  Terrance  McLarnan (USA) Autistic functioning and psychic pain? Mariângela Mendes de Almeida (Brazil) Inside Out – an observation of psychotic states of mind in both analyst and patient Louise Hird (AUS)
  Vienna (Lower Lobby) IPSO 2: Supervision Chair: Holger Himmighoffen (SWITZERLAND) Supervisor: Leon Kleimberg (UK)
Presenter: Christine Kupferschmied (Switzerland)
  Budapest (Lobby)  IPSO 3: Papers Chair: Anna Daniela Linciano (ITALY) Repeated abortion as a way to process mental pain Vsevolod Agarkov (Russia)
Physical Pain, Psychic Pain: a necessary dialogue in the comprehension of a patient with Crohn's disease Denise Steinwurz (Brazil)
Face à la vengeance masochiste : Les perturbations du contre transfert sur le processus  Elisabeth Aubert (France)
8.30-13.00   Listening to listening (Faimberg method) Workshop 
ase Presenter Valeria Nader (Rosario, Argentina), Moderator: Haydée Faimberg, Co-moderator: Sylvia Pupo Netto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
11.00 -13.00 Grand Ballroom
IPSO 5: Papers Chair: Kathryn McCormick (USA) The Psychoanalytic Mode of Thought and its Application To Sex, Sexuality and Gender Brian Kloppenberg (USA)
Überlegungen zu Sigmund Freud: Das Unbewusste (1915) Christine Kupferschmied (Switzerland)
Contemporary clinics, narcissism, second drives theory and dreams  Renato Pordeus (Brazil)
  Vienna (Lower Lobby) IPSO 6: Papers
Chair: Carlos Almeida (USA) The Loving-Generative Parental Couple: Its Role in Development of Psychic Reality and the Child’s Core Sense of Self  Alan Nathan(USA)  Making Monsters, Drawings Monsters as a way to Self-Regulate: The analysis of a pre-adolescent boy Deisy Boscán (USA) The pain of mourning in a six-year old girl Juliana Oelsner (ARG)
  Budapest (Lobby) IPSO 7: Papers Chair: Silvana Kaufman (USA) 
Mourning the Dead, Mourning the Disappeared: The Enigma of the Absent-Presence Cecilia Taiana(CANADA)
Twisted Bits and Scattered Pieces: Primitive Work When the Container is a Sieve Lisa Halotek (USA)
Discovering the Pain and the Depressed Internal Object Monica Fraenkel d'Alancon (FRANCE)
14.00-16.00 Berlin (Lobby) IPSO 8: Supervision Chair: Deisy Boscán (USA) Supervisor: Alan Sugarman(USA)
Presenter: Cynthia Pelter (Brazil)
  Barcelona (Lobby)
IPSO 4:Meet the Analyst, Janine Puget (ARG)
Chair: Valeria Nader (ARG)
8.30-10.30  Palmovka (Mezzanine) IPSO 9: IJP Writing Workshop with Catherine Humble(UK) How to Write a Paper for the International Journal of Psychoanalysis 
Chair: Graciela Hoyos (Colombia)  
  Amsterdam (Lobby) IPSO Child Clinical Case  Presenter: M Rozenberg
Discussants: F Guignard, A D Linciano
Discussion group Chair: J Augoyard
14.00-16.00  Brussels (Lobby) IPSO 11: Supervision Chair: Amelia Casas (PERU) Supervisor: Virginia Ungar (ARG)
Presenter: Nergis Güleç (Turkey)
  Amsterdam (Lobby) IPSO 12: Supervision Chair: Aura Lorenzo (MEX) Supervisor: Samuel Zysman (ARG)
Presenter: Gagandeep Kaur (INDIA)
16.30 -18.00 Grand Ballroom
IPSO Business meeting

8.30 - 10.30  Berlin (Lobby)    IPSO 10: Meet the Analyst, John Steiner(UK)
Chair: Debra Zatz(USA) 
  Palmovka (Mezzanine) IPSO 13: Supervision 
Chair: Anna Maria Hansjürgens (Hungary)
Supervisor: Glen Gabbard (USA)
Presenter: Justine Kalas Reeves (USA) 
  Amsterdam (Lobby) IPSO 14: Writing Awards, Runners Up Chairs: Graciela Hoyos (Colombia), Valeria Nader (ARG)
Being and becoming an analyst: Using the barometer of libidinal connection in a first control case. Barbara Burrows (CANADA)
La transferencia en los tiempos del vacío. Aurora Romano (MEX)
Two Types of Encapsulation in Anorexia. Yael Kadish (SouthAfrica)
16.30 - 18.30 Karlin   I (Mezzanine) IPSO 16: Tribute to Betty Joseph
Chairs: Valeria Nader (ARG), Debra Zatz (USA) Michael Feldman

8.30 - 10.30  Palmovka (Mezzanine) IPSO 17: PANEL ON TRAINING 
: Sylvia Pupo(Brazil), Holger Himmighoffen(Switzerland)
Eike Hinze (Germany) Fernando Weissmann (Argentina)
Daniel Traub-Werner (Canada)   
  Amsterdam (Lobby) IPSO 18: Papers Chair: Monica Fraenkel d’Alancon (FRANCE)
The parent`s ghosts in the nursery room of a sick child Hilit Brodsky-Arel (ISR)
On Being Flappable Dvora Honigstein (USA)
Une Mouche Dans  ‘L'enfer De Dante’ Denise Feliciano (BRAZIL)
14.00 - 16.00 Amsterdam (Lobby) IPSO 19: Tyson Prize 
: Susana Muszkat (BRAZIL), Valeria Nader (ARG) Winner  Autistic functioning and psychic pain? Building up links by Mariângela Mendes de Almeida (Brazil)
Runner up papers
Face à la vengeance masochiste : Les perturbations du contre transfert sur le processus by Elisabeth Aubert (France)
The Widened Envelope – Expanding the Hospitable Scope of Psychoanalysis in Theory and Institutional Practice by Orna Ophir (USA)
  Athens (Lobby)
IPSO 20: Papers
Chair: Navah Kaplan (USA)
Psychoanalysis on the China Road: Sense of Trust in Doubt Qian Wang (CHINA)

Feeling the Heat: Psychoanalysis, Climate Change, and the Three Ecologies Joseph Dodds (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Naturaleza versus cultura. Prohibición de la sexualidad. Rita Perez Alarcon(ARG)
  Slovanka (Mezzanine) IPSO 21: Papers
Chair: Marco Posadas (CANADA)
Countertransferential tsunamis: Destructive and Mutative Possibility. Lee Slome (USA)
A Hazardous Journey "Suffering in the Countertransference: A Candidate's Pain - Holding the Pain of the Patient"  Barbara Sewell(USA)  
Sobre la noción de punto, el dolor psíquico y el decir del analista. Una reflexión a partir de la lógica bioniana  Jean Marc Tauszik (VENEZUELA)