The Cross Regional Study Groups



The Cross Regional Study Groups are international candidate online consultation small groups. They are an initiative that was first established in 2014, with the objective of taking advantage of technology in order to promote exchanges between IPSO members

The CRSGs are focused on clinical work, meeting regularly for the discussion of cases. They are intended to be a horizontal process, a peer group aimed at enriching the training and development of analysts.

With the participation of candidates not only from different Institutes, but from different regions, we hope to provide an environment which is somewhat detached from the vertical–hierarchical structure, the Oedipal bonds that inevitably exist inside an Institute, while at the same time giving space for the discovery of varied clinical experiences, from different parts of the world.


· The CRSGs must have at least 3-4 members; they must be comprised of at least one person from each IPA-IPSO Region: Europe, Latin America and North America (note that South Africa, India and Australia are currently in the Europe Region; and Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan are currently in the North America Region)

· The CRSGs will commit to meeting monthly to discuss clinical material for 90 to 120 minutes; the rhythm of discussion is given by each group: some groups prefer to have a candidate presenting the same case in three meetings, while others prefer to rotate more

· Each CRSG must have a Chair, a person who will be responsible for arranging and reminding the group of the meetings, and also being the connection between the IPSO ExCom and the group

· The CRSGs are intended to be a long-term process that enrich their members’ professional development, with no end date given for the meetings; we suggest that groups work together for at least a year, and hope some groups may continue for their members’ careers, though there is no obligation

· We ask of each group to send a short yearly report, through its Chair, to the President Elect, providing feedback so that the ExCom can work on further developing the project

· We would like to encourage the participants of the CRSGs to present and talk about their experiences in their group within panels that will be regularly organized during the biannual IPA-IPSO Congresses

· Choice of videoconference technology: Members of CSRGs should be aware that Microsoft reserves the right to record Skype conversations –– privacy and encryption are not guaranteed. For this reason, we strongly recommend that groups use encrypted videoconferencing technology (such as GoToMeeting or Zoom) to preserve confidentiality, as well as to provide a clear connection, at a reasonable yearly fee shared between all group members

Suggestions Drawn from Experience:

· Many CRSGs have found that setting up a group messaging technology (such as a WhatsApp Group), facilitates communication between the members

· Given that these groups happen in a virtual videoconference space, and members do not usually know each other personally beforehand, it is beneficial for the group's dynamics, mutual trust, and general enjoyment, if they can find moments to meet all together in person

· Some groups try to meet in person at least once a year at international conferences and reserve an evening together. We are aware this isn't always possible, but, if it were, we recommend it –– collegial trust increases, the work together deepens, and potentially life-lasting friendships grow

If you are interested in being a part of one such group, please send:

a) a brief professional biography

b) the name of your Institute

c) the number of years of IPA training you've done

d) if you have experience with high-frequency treatments

e) the languages you speak well enough to discuss clinical material in 

f) and the town in which you practice

to our President-Elect, Charles E. Baekeland: 
[email protected]