The IPA in conjunction with Routledge publishes 5 series of publications. The publications are overseen and chosen by the IPA Publications Committee following a mandate as set out by the IPA Board (go here to see mandate).

IPA Publications Committee: 
 Silvia Flechner (Montevideo) – Chair, Thomas Marcacci (Bologna) ,  Nergis Gulec (Istanbul), Carlos Moguillansky (Buenos Aires) ,  Nilgun Taskintuna (Washington), Natacha Delgado (Buenos Aires) ,  Angela Vuotto (New York) – IPSO Representative,  Rafael Mondzrak (Porto Alegre) – IPSO Representative,  Gabriela Legorreta (Westmount, Canada) – Consultant,  Paul Crake (London) (ex officio Executive Director), Rhoda Bawdekar (London), (ex officio Publishing Manager).

The Committee welcomes book proposals all year round from IPA members and non-members. Please click here for further details.


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IPA - Contemporary Freud: Turning Points and Critical Issues
This series considers at least two lines of development: a contemporary reading of Freud that reclaims his contributions and a clarification of the logical and epistemic perspectives from which he is read today.

IPA - Controversies in Psychoanalysis
Theoretical and clinical progress in psychoanalysis continues to develop new concepts and to reconsider old ones, often in contradiction with each other. By confronting and opening these debates, we might find points of convergence but also divergences that cannot be reconciled; the ensuing tension among these should be sustained in a pluralistic dialogue.

IPA - International Psychoanalysis Library
The focus of the Library is on the scientific developments of today throughout the IPA, with an emphasis within the discipline on clinical, technical, and theoretical advances; empirical, conceptual, and historical research project.

IPA - Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications
The aim is to focus on the scientific production of significant authors whose works are outstanding contributions to the development of the psychoanalytic field and to set out relevant ideas and themes, generated during the history of psychoanalysis, that deserve to be discussed by present psychoanalysts. 

IPA - Psychoanalytic Classics Revisited

The focus is on books and articles that have made the history of psychoanalysis, revisited in the light of contemporary psychoanalytical theory and practice.

100 Years of the IPA: The Centenary History of the International Psychoanalytical Association 1910-2010
This collection of essays on the 100 years of history of the International Psychoanalytical Association provides far more than a chronological account of events. Within its pages, one encounters pioneering presences in the world of psychoanalysis, savours endearing anecdotes, comes across phrases that are both quaint and novel, reads the accounts of various splits and also the emergence of new groups, sees new journals evolve, senses the excitement of fresh discoveries in the field, and partakes in a delightful and thrilling sojourn of thought and praxis.