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French: Johanna Velt & Julia-Flore Alibert 
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Latest Episode 74 

External and Internal Changes in Recent Times - Mercedes Puchol

How do recent external and internal changes emerge in the theoretical-technical and clinical understanding of psychoanalysis today? How to think psychoanalytically about the topic of war today more than ever? In this episode entitled External and internal changes in recent times, Mercedes Puchol reflects, among other things, on the impact of these changes in relation to remote analysis, and considers the notion of analysability, originally postulated by Carlos Paz in 1971, to be fundamental for thinking about all the challenges and questions that remote analysis raises. Finally, the author, faced with the level of destruction and pain that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused, reflects on the importance of identifications in the "construction of emotional ties that operate against war (Freud, 1933)".
Mercedes Puchol is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. She lives and works in Madrid with adults, children and adolescents. She is training analyst of the Madrid Psychoanalytical Association (APM) as well as its current President. She is a member of the Organising Committee of the Spanish Language Psychoanalysts Encounters and of the Committee of the European Psychoanalytic Conference for University Students (EPCUS).

21st November 2022

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